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Speed Parking 3D


Do you like muscle cars and fast driving? And you're also very proficient in parking games? If so, take a shot at this game. It's a 24-level challenge in beautiful 3D, but there's more to it. Located in sunny San Andreas city square, you get to enjoy muscle car driving and parking. Cars are realistic, go fast and look amazing. Challenges are hard and fun, yet we doubt it's going to be a problem for hard core gamer.
There is only one rule in this game - park at the end of the track but do it hasty as time might run out soon. Cut corners, put gas to the maximum and try not to bump into cones. Speed is crucial here and faster you go, more chances you'll have to reach end.
As you progress through game you can unlock 4 additional muscle cars, all very fast and powerful. When each level is completed, based on time it takes you, you receive stars. Use those stars to unlock cars. If you don't have enough, replay levels to finish track faster and you'll get more stars.
You can take any car you unlock to a free drive course and just drive around, feel it a bit, see how it runs, take it for a speed drive and just have fun.
Burn the rubber, drive at top speed and park at the end for win! Good luck and have fun.